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Barter/Service Swap Opportunities!

-Are you a Carpenter/Mason/Plumber/

Concrete/Landscaper or any other form of builder?

-If so I'd be happy to discuss the possible trade of services.

-"True Wholesale purhasing power" in exchange for the services of your building trade! 

-I currently have a home on 4.5 Acres off of Shamrock Lane, 1 Minute South of the interstate exit 333 in Livingston, MT.


-I find myself in need of experienced individuals in all the stages of completing the house/home.


-I'm open to whatever form of trade you might have to offer. Willing to offer "true wholesale buying ability" for anywhere from individuals to large construction companies! Depending on the size of your fleet, potentially offering hundreds of thousands in value!


-Have an idea for a service you would like to trade? Just give me a call and we can see if we can barter a mutually beneficial deal!


-Bill @ 406-223-6742